Long Branch Emergency Information

Emergency services at the ready in Long Branch, New Jersey.
Emergency Services and Information for Long Branch, New Jersey

Whether planning a visit to Long Branch or considering moving to the area, it is important to know about emergency services in the area, such as Long Branch ambulance services and Long Branch, NJ hospitals as well as the fire department and police department.

The Long Branch Fire Department is primarily volunteer and is locally run. There are 9 fire stations. There are approximately 175 volunteer firefighters in the Long Branch Fire Department. The Long Branch Fire Department can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 2261

Long Branch, NJ 07740

(732) 222-0076

There is also a police department in the City of Long Branch. The Long Branch Police Department is dedicated to enforcing laws and providing quality services to the residents of Long Branch. The police department is the agency primarily responsible for providing law enforcement in the City of Long Branch. There are currently 104 sworn officers in the department to serve the citizens of Long Branch, New Jersey. There is not a chief of police at the Long Branch Police Department. Instead, it is headed by a civilian designated with the title of Director of Public Safety. The current Director of Public Safety of the Long Branch Police Department is William Richards. The Long Branch Police Department can be contacted at (732) 571-5668 and is located on Broadway.

Long Branch, NJ hospitals include Monmouth Medical Center. There is a total of 527 beds at the Monmouth Medical Center and 114 full-time resident physicians. Monmouth Medical Center is located at 270 Broadway in Long Branch and can be contacted at (732) 923-7100.

In the event of an emergency or a serious medical situation, it is important to know there are also Long Branch ambulance services available in the local area, which can help with emergency situations.

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