Long Branch Government Offices

Government offices serving the Long Branch, New Jersey community.
An Introduction to Long Branch, NJ Government Offices

When considering relocating to Long Branch, New Jersey or just interested in learning more about this charming seaside resort, it is important to learn more about Long Branch, NJ government offices. The City of Long Branch was officially founded in 1867 and is today governed under a Mayor-Council form of municipal government as part of the Faulkner Act. Long Branch government consists of a mayor as well as a City Council composed of five members. Each of the five members of the council is elected as part of a nonpartisan election for a four year term on a concurrent basis.

Currently, the mayor of Long Branch is Adam Schneider. Members of the City Council of Long Branch are Dr. Mary Jane Celli, David G. Brown, Anthony Giordano, Michael DeStefano and Brian Unger. The Chief Administrative Officer of Long Branch is former councilman Howard Wooley. Members of Long Branch government can be contacted through the City of Long Branch and the city council.

Lon Branch government offices also include state representative offices. Long Branch is part of the Sixth Congressional District and part of the state's 11th Legislative District. The Sixth Congressional District is currently represented by Frank Pallone, a Democrat from Long Branch, New Jersey. The state of New Jersey is represented in the U.S. Senate by Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez, both Democrats. The current Governor of New Jersey is Chris Christie, a Republican. The Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey is Kim, Guandagno, a Republican from Monmouth Beach, near Long Branch.

Understanding more about Long Branch, NJ government is an excellent way to learn more about the community, the services that are offered in the local area and what you can expect from living in this charming seaside resort town.

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