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The train makes getting to and from Long Branch, New Jersey easy.
Transportation Services in Long Branch, NJ

It is always important to know about the transportation services available in a city, whether you are planning a visit there or you are considering a move to that city. This is no different in Long Branch, New Jersey; located on the beautiful Jersey Shore.

Long Branch transportation services include connections to New York City as well as Northern, New Jersey through the New Jersey Transit trains. These trains run along the North Jersey coastline. The NJ Transit in Long Branch also includes the Long Branch train station that is the end of the tracks; meaning that passengers will need to make a change from the electrified trains to the diesel-powered trains.

The beach is only three blocks from the Long Branch train station, making it easy and convenient for visitors to enjoy the waterfront and the many activities that are offered along the promenade. There is also a second train station in Long Branch that is situated in the Elberon district, slightly north of the borough of Deal. Previously, there were stops located in the West End neighborhood of Long Branch as well. These stations were closed in order to reduce the amount of travel time to New York City.

In addition to the train stations located in Long Branch, visitors and residents of the city will also be able to take advantage of other transportation services to make it easy to get around the city of Long Branch, including taxi services. Even if you are just planning a day trip to the shore and want to be able to get around and see the many sights and attractions in this seaside resort town, you will be able to easily do so as a result of the numerous transportation services in Long Branch.

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