Long Branch Schools

Education for all grade levels in Long Branch, New Jersey.
Education and Schools in Long Branch, New Jersey

Long Branch Public Schools operate the public school system in the city of Long Branch, New Jersey. These schools serve children in pre-school through grade 12. The Long Branch school district is one of 31 different Abbott Districts in the state of New Jersey.

The Long Branch, NJ schools include Joseph M. Ferraina Early Childhood Learning Center, also known as JMF, with an enrolled student body of approximately 789 students. There are also five elementary schools in Long Branch, NJ. They are Amerigo A. Anastasia School (Pre-K through Grade 5), Audrey W. Clark School (grades 3-5), Gregory School (Pre-K through Grade 5), Morris Avenue School (Kindergarten through Grade 5) and West End School (Kindergarten through Grade 5). In addition, there is Long Branch Middle School, which serves grades 6 through 8. Long Branch High School serves grades 9 through 12 and has an estimated student enrollment of 1,200 students.

Attendance at all Long Branch Public Schools is offered on a free basis, including the preschools, which are open on a full day basis and serve children ages 3-5. A free breakfast program is offered each morning to students at Long Branch Schools. Free summer programs are also offered through Long Branch Public Schools. The programs are offered throughout most of the summer. Four of the public schools, JMF, West End Elementary, Gregory Elementary and Anastasia Elementary were all constructed in just the last few years.

Along with the public schools in Long Branch, there is also a private school that serves Kindergarten through grade 8. This is Seashore School. There are also several Catholic and Jewish schools in Long Branch, New Jersey including Ilan High School and Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity is a Catholic school and Ilan High School is a Jewish school.

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