Sinking My teeth into Comic Books

Sinking My teeth into Comic Books


Red Sonja Slaying


Who remembers Vampirella? I do! She was voted one of the sexiest comic-book characters and debuted in 1969. She was a vampire superhero who rid the world of evil and didn’t seek humans for blood unless she needed to. And she was always portrayed in signature red sling suit with a white collar and wearing shiny black knee-high boots.


I know what you’re thinking. Why not Archie and Jughead, Richie Rich or Batman? Simple: I was 16 and I still couldn’t buy Playboy at the local candy store, Sam’s Luncheonette in Plainview, New York where crusty old Sam would yell: “This ain’t a library. If you’re not buying, move on!”


Recently, a friend shipped me a collection of Vampirella comics and collector’s items, knowing it had been years since I caught up on her latest escapades.


Ever since legendary animator/creator/visionary Stan Lee saw his brilliant creations start to morph into major motion pictures from Spiderman to X-Men to the Marvel superheroes, the comic book world has mainstreamed into big box office receipts not to mention global Comicons. Nerds have united with newbies and super hero fans reach the highest levels of corporate suites, alongside day to day enthusiasts. We now have heroes of color, or special needs, and some from the LGBT community; so why not a sexy vampiress? There is no one genre anymore.


There was a Vampirella movie in 1996 with actress Talisa Soto and Roger Daltry (Who? Yes. The Who!)


So, I did a little research  into other female superheroes and came across Red Sonja, a classic among Comicon attendees and more than a few people who dress up and was excited to find out a movie is in the works.


I went on line and interviewed a Red Sonja Fan on what makes her so hot, both literally and figuratively. David G. of Greeley, Co told me with a dig at ‘Star Trek fans: “’s not like we’re Trekkies..i mean we have a life! But seriously, I grew up in a house with strong women role models. My grand mother was a female postal inspector in Iowa in her day and my mom went to medical school after 5 years as an RN. So to me, it was natural to seek out these kind of women and since I love comics, it made sense.”


He was only mildly familiar with Vampirella so I sent him one of the books I had. He wrote me a week later and said “I’m in love.” I said “you and me both,pal.”


I’m the guy who was first on line in 1996 to see Independence day and first on line last week to see the sequel, 20 years later. Living in a world of turmoil and confusion, escapism provides a respite. A much needed one.


So I guess with my new found girlfriends, I’ll likely grab a supersized bucket and settle in for the ride. Fasten your seatbelts!