A Look at the Thai Massage Mat

Providing a massage is a way to nurture, indulge, and treat your clients. These treatments can ease muscle pain, release tension, and provide soothing calm. There are many different types of massage, allowing you to customize your spa’s menu of services to meet the needs and desires of your particular clientele. One such type of massage is referred to as “Thai massage” and is a deeply nurturing style of massage that can release muscle tightness and encourage range of motion and flexibility. If you are going to offer Thai massage in your spa, you are going to need a Thai massage mat.

A Thai massage mat is a special piece of equipment that maximizes your space to enhance the techniques of Thai massage so your clients can reap the most benefit possible. A traditional Thai massage mat is very dense, created out of a cotton-like material that is indigenous to Thailand as well as Malaysia and Indonesia. This material, called Kapok, provides a firm yet comfortable mat that will support your clients and provide you ideal access to their entire body.

The cover of your Thai massage mat will be made from a soft material, generally either cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester that is pleasant to the touch and washable to ensure a clean and inviting environment for each client.

The dimensions of a traditional Thai massage mat are just over three feet wide by a just over six feet long. A tri-fold design makes it easy to fold up the mat so that it is highly portable and easy to store out of the way when you are not providing Thai massage services to a client.

The portability of a Thai massage mat also makes it so that you do not have to limit your services to a specific spa or other treatment space. Instead, you can fold up your mat and bring it along with you to any place where someone wants to receive treatment. This means that you can bring your mat to a client’s home to provide private services for a specific person who cannot or does not want to travel to a spa, or even to groups of people that want to add your Thai massage services to a gathering or celebration.

It is important when you select your Thai massage mat that you choose one that will fit in with the aesthetic of your space, or that speaks to your personality. Soothing colors only enhance your treatment and provide a sense of calm and centering to your clients.


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