A Simple Yet Ancient Technique


If you are thinking of trying Thai massage as a practitioner, it is probably one of the simplest and hassle-free ways to start out your journey of massage therapy.  It is an ancient art using special knowledge of meridians, or energy pathways, and techniques of pressure and passive stretching to release blockages and increase the flow of energy in the body.  The massage therapist applies pressure and facilitates stretches for the recipient, who is positioned on a mat on the floor. 

As it involves no massage table or deep tissue work, it does not require many accessories or supplies!  There are no oils, heavy tables, sheets or stones; all you need is your knowledge of the ancient Thai massage technique and a Thai massage mat and you are ready to go! 

It is perhaps the most minimalist way of practicing massage, and with the least amount of production going into the sessions, with the recipient instructed to remain fully clothed and only asked to wear his/her own choice of loose, comfortable clothing.  And without the hassles of a massage table to set up and break down, Thai massage offers you an easy opportunity for creating a portable practice. 

Just grab a Thai massage mat, and get to a park, a client’s house, a studio, or a friend’s place and you are ready to begin your practice.  If you have not tried it yet, you certainly should!  Or if you’re a beginner to massage, this is a great place to start, and best of all, it does not involve the hundreds to thousands of dollars investment of a massage table!

The important thing is to make sure to choose a suitable mat.  Since all of the work is done on the floor, the recipient and the practitioner are both relying on the mat throughout the extent of the session.  It would benefit you to choose a mat that has cushion and is comfortable! 

Be sure to choose one that you are happy with as much as you think your massage recipients will enjoy, because you will be acquainted with it well.  Once you have chosen your mat, you are halfway done!

The next step is learning the simple yet ancient technique.  This is in no way trying to underestimate the wisdom and expertise of the Thai massage technique, as there is room for beginners and experts alike!  There is plenty to learn, but there is only one place to start – with a simple but ancient technique that is highly effective.

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