Are VMware Backup Solutions Affordable

There are new VMware backup solutions on the market that are very affordable and that include a lot of value for the money spent. These software products make use of innovative technologies that make backups faster, more secure and more easily restored than they were in the past. As is the case with VMware itself, new technology is driving prices down while usability and functionality are going steadily up. This means that there are products on the market today that are available for much less than some far less powerful products were in the past.

Some VMware backup solutions will come at a high price. In many cases, this depends upon what additional products are needed to run the company’s software. For instance, some companies produce products that can only restore a server using the proprietary software included with the backup product. Others, however, allow for the creation of files that can be opened on their own. This means that a time-consuming, and expensive, step is eliminated from the restoration process, if your systems need to be set up again following a disaster or a data loss.

Some VMware backup solutions include additional software that is designed to enhance the functionality of the product without creating a dependency upon it. As an example, some companies offer software products that include the ability to install add-ons, such as patch and update managers. These increase the value of the software quite a bit. The time and work associated with maintaining already existing software is one of the largest expenses run up by any IT department. By including these software products from the start, expenses are further reduced and the company saves money on a product that, in other cases, may have cost them more money on top of the purchase price.

You can find VMware backup solutions that offer still more than these features. Some of them include features that allow you to easily configure new servers based on the design of servers already on your system. You can also find solutions that make the most efficient possible use of your network resources during the backup process. There are also solutions that allow you to backup more than one server at once, which can take a huge slice out of the time required to get your system properly backed up so that your data is secure from disasters of any kind.

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