Cardiac Rehabilitation Equipment

When someone experiences a heart attack or by-pass surgery, their cardiologist will likely recommend participation in a cardiac rehabilitation program so that they can improve their heart health and overall health. Cardiac rehab can be an important part of a patient’s recovery, and it can include many of the same types of exercises as traditional physical therapy. However, cardiac rehabilitation includes an added emphasis on heart health through cardiovascular activities, strength training, and heart safety. Below are various types of rehabilitation equipment and procedures for patients who are participating in cardiac rehab.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Equipment

Cardiovascular exercises pump blood into the heart and improve heart health for patients who have undergone a heart attack or heart surgery. While cardiovascular rehab is important, patients need to remember never to overstrain their bodies while using machines such as treadmills, bicycles, elliptical machines or other types of cardio equipment. During cardio rehab, most patients will be monitored continuously so that they are ensured that the exercises they are performing are always safe. Therapists during cardiac rehab will also never allow patients to experience heart rates that are too rapid or increased blood pressure. Devices that monitor patients can include an EKG telemetry unit to measure heart rate and a sphygmomanometer to record blood pressure. All cardiac rehabilitation centers should carry these safety devices to ensure that their patients are never placed in a situation where they could experience additional heart failure.

Strength Training Rehabilitation Equipment

Cardiac rehab patients will also be required to perform strength-training exercises such as weight training or utilizing resistance bands. Strength training is an important aspect of retaining heart health, and additionally it provides overall health to anyone who has undergone injury or surgery. In addition to dumbbells and resistance bands patients can also utilize cable pulley units and weight lifting machines to perform strength-training exercises. During strength training, patients should always have someone spot them, especially if they are lifting heavy weight or using weight machines. Additionally, patients should be careful of straining themselves or their muscles when using free weights or any other types of weight training equipment. 

Cardiac health is an important part of overall physical condition and fitness levels. Patients who have recently experienced a heart attack or had heart surgery will often need to participate in cardiac rehabilitation so that they can rebuild heart strength and improve their health. With the proper supervision, a patient can recover from any type of heart condition and continue leading a long and healthy life.

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