Caring for Rare Silver Coins

Rare silver coins can be expensive investments. They can also gain tremendously in value over time. You have to make sure that your coins are properly stored and protected against the elements to maximize your investment. You also have to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you pay for and it happens that completing one task can help to complete the other where this is concerned. The most expensive coins on the market come certified, if you’re dealing with a real coin shop, and this process actually involves a step that helps to preserve the coin.

Most rare silver coins come in slabs. These are flat, plastic cases that are designed to protect the coin from the elements. Unfortunately, it’s generally a bad idea to handle your rare coins a lot. The slab will also have some information affixed to it, if the coin is certified. This will include the name of the organization that certified the coin, the grade of the coin, the type of coin and some contact information for the numismatic organization itself. Always leave a rare coin in this slab. It’s a great way to display the coin and it keeps it safe from most harm.

Rare silver coins never need to be cleaned. Some new investors look at old coins, see the blackening and tarnishing that inevitably affects silver over time and decide to polish their coin a bit. This ruins its value. It’s better to have a heavily-toned coin than to have a cleaned coin. A great deal of a coin’s grade is determined by the condition of its surface. Any scratches or abrasions deduct from the value of the coin; cleaning a coin always scratches and mars the surface. Where bullion coins are concerned, showing age is not a bad thing.

Remember that rare silver coins can increase in value a great deal over time, particularly if the supply becomes lessened in number. Make sure that you store your coin in a safe place. If you happen to have a very expensive coin, you may want to consider a safe deposit box in a bank. The biggest threats to your coin include fire and theft and there are few places safer from either than a bank vault. If you store your coin at home, get a safe or at least a fireproof box to keep it in.

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