Choose the Right Skateboard Equipment

There’s no end to the type of skateboard equipment now available. For the novice, skateboards come prebuilt so the participant doesn’t have to choose his parts. For the more experienced, skateboards can be built with hand-picked parts. Regardless of which way you decide to go, there’s a plethora of skateboard equipment choices.

Part of the repertoire of skateboarding is choosing not only the right skateboard equipment, but the right apparel. There are shirts, hats, sandals, shoes, and board shorts, just to name a few. After deciding how you want to look, it’s is time to decide on a skateboard and the proper skateboard equipment for your height as well as your age. Skateboards come in a variety of widths and if you’re not sure which is right for you, talk to a skateboard equipment specialist.

Once you decide on the proper skateboard, it’s time to pick your protective skateboard gear. Besides the skateboard, the protective gear is probably the most important aspect of your skateboard equipment. The helmet should fit properly, again something you may want to consult with your skateboard equipment specialist. Look for one that is not only comfortable, but lightweight. Characteristics include venting, an aerodynamic design, foam liners and tubular webbing straps.

After the helmet, another important part of your skateboard equipment is knee and elbow pads, which come in different sizes. Be sure to try on your skateboard equipment to ensure a proper fit. Again, if you are unsure how they should fit, speak to a skateboard equipment specialist.

Now that all the skateboard equipment has been picked, it is time to accessorize. You may want to include a Ruckus Universal Compact Pocket Tool kit to carry with you at all times. Another item for your skateboard equipment maintenance is oiling the bearings. Grip tape sheets for the top of your board should also be part of your standard skateboard equipment.

As your skill level rises, you may also want to invest in stylized skateboard equipment, such as specific types of bolts and lock nuts, also known as hardware. The kind you chose will be determined by the type of riser you use and your personal preference. Don’t forget the skateboard bearings, which mount your wheels to the axle. Bearings come in a variety of ratings and the higher rating will be reflected in the price. As your preference for certain types of skateboard equipment grows, so will your desire for specific types of items, such as higher quality bearings.


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