Computer Telephony Integration Changes the Face of Business

Though computer telephony integration may be the most useful for call centers where the volume of calls can be unmanageable otherwise, many individual users may find the programs beneficial. For the salesperson that works in a regular office environment, computer telephony integration can help you keep track of each client by providing caller ID for every call, showing pop-up information on the calling client, allowing notes to be saved during conversation, and facilitation follow-up call and appointment scheduling. You can personalize your program applications for each client, allowing for better business practices and more personal service.

Computer telephony integration is not entirely new to the business world, but the processes and software applications are improved upon constantly. Program implementation has never been easier, and the companies are listening to improvement ideas at all times. Your phone system will be attached to your database at all times, allowing you to record calls for training purposes or records management.

Busy call centers have shown the greatest numbers for productivity improvements with the implementation of computer telephony integration. Customers are pleased when agents remember their names, purchasing or service histories, and previous problems. The time spent on the phone is drastically reduced, leaving the customer satisfied. There is also more time for agents to receive multiple calls, rather than hash out the same information each time with every new caller.

The prices for these programs may seem a bit out of reach when you first begin investigating the software, but there is no doubt that the products are worth it. You will immediately begin to see a change in customer satisfaction reports, your employees will be thrilled with the ease of contact management, and productivity will increase dramatically. All of these factors will boost your bottom line, paying for the new software almost immediately.

Stop dealing with dropped calls, ridiculous hold times, and multiple transfers. With these new programs, you can reach the right person on the first try, every time. Even outbound calling centers will benefit from the products, because automatic dialing can be included in your purchase. Direct dialing through the database eliminates wrong numbers, which can waste time and leave your employees feeling embarrassed. There is also little to no wait between each call, which means that more calls will be processed during the workday. With so many benefits available, why are you still using your old phone system?

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