Continuing Education for Business - 5 Ways to Advance Your Knowledge Online

Let's face it: In today's world, the job market seems to be growing more competitive by the day.  The first question many people ask themselves is how they can manage to stand out among the rest of the crowd of applicants.

Across the board, the first answer to that question is education.  Many, if not most, employers will naturally gravitate toward applicants who have earned their Bachelor's degree versus those who have not.

So how to gain that competitive edge? The good news is, earning your online bachelors degree is now easier than ever thanks to the many online degree programs now available.  Gone are the days of having to spend hours in the classroom - many individuals who choose to pursue an online bachelor's degree can do so while holding down their current job.  An online degree can be tailored to your schedule, your pace, your individual needs.

So what can a person seeking their online bachelor's degree major in? Below are five examples of degree programs which can be completed via online schooling:

  • Business Studies - Students who choose to complete a degree in business studies can major in fields such as accounting, business administration and healthcare administration.  Careers with various agencies, businesses and healthcare organizations are available to those who hold degrees in business studies.
  • Criminal Justice - Criminal justice students can pursue careers in law enforcement by studying fields such as Forensic Science and Private Security.  They can also choose to pursue careers in Homeland Security.
  • Health Programs - Students in health programs can pursue studies in health sciences, medical assisting and RN to BSN nursing, where an already-licensed RN can further their education and obtain their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.  Healthcare is an ever-growing field, and qualified professionals are in high demand.
  • IT Programs - The field of technology is always growing, and careers promise to grow accordingly.  Obtaining an online Bachelor's degree in information technology can include studying management information systems, network administration and security support.  Training is also provided in business practices, leadership and management.  Students pursuing their degree in information technology can look forward to careers with companies of all sizes.
  • Legal Programs - Students looking to earn their online degree in legal studies have many different career opportunities open to them.  Graduates of legal studies programs can go on to pursue jobs with public and private law firms, of course, but there are also careers to be had in banks, government agencies, and law enforcement.  A Paralegal acts as a vital part of a legal team in providing support to attorneys during trials.  They also have the option to go on and further their education should they choose to become attorneys.

Earning your degree has never been more important than in these competitive times - nor has it ever been easier.  Whether you are already working in a certain field and could use further credentials to advance your career, or you're looking to break into an entirely new field - all that's left is finding the online Bachelor's degree program that fits you best.


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