Determining Customer Satisfaction with a Hosted Call Center

With call center hosted technology, including software downloads, being so prevalent in the twenty first century business world, many businesses are choosing to go down this route for various reasons, including efficiency and the cutting of costs. However, at some point the business will need to find out whether or not the hosted call center is delivering on its promises and whether or not the company’s customers are satisfied with the service that they are receiving from the hosted call center.

Perhaps the biggest problem for many businesses with a hosted call center is precisely how they can go about measuring the level of customer satisfaction with it. There are two common methods which are used to help determine whether a customer is happy with the service that they have been provided with by the hosted call center.

The first of these two methods is CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction as it is popularly known. This usually involves the use of surveys which tend to directly ask the specific question of how satisfied a customer is with the service given by the hosted call center. Some people are unsatisfied with the CSAT method however, believing that it lacks the ability to accurately measure emotion.

A different method of evaluating customer satisfaction when it comes to a hosted call center is to ask questions which measure loyalty, queries such as whether or not the customer would recommend the company to somebody that they know such as a friend, relative or work colleague. The answers provided to the loyalty questions are then submitted in order to work out the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures not just customer satisfaction, but also the level of loyalty that a customer feels to a business or organization. Many in the business community favor this method of evaluating customer satisfaction over the more traditional version as it is believed that a customer who would recommend and even stand up for a company is a customer who would be unlikely to take their business elsewhere.

A third method of evaluating customer satisfaction has since materialized in the last four years however. This came about in the form of what has become known as the Customer Experience Index (CxPi), which helps businesses to be able to benchmark their customer experience against other companies in the same field and even in different industries altogether if so desired.

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