Essential Paintball Gear Markers and Accessories

Essential Paintball Gear Markers and Accessories

Are you ready to enjoy a friendly game of total destruction? That’s exactly what paintball is—it is a celebration of competition and rivalry but with a friendly twist. Paintball is not just about the thrill of the hunt, but also about hanging out with friends, doing things as a group and running around in the open air. Indeed, why shoot guns when you can use paintball gear instead?

The best paintball gear feels like you are holding real weapons, from the weight of the marker to the sound effects of the blast. The most popular markers today include heavy duty paintball guns in the style of automatics, as well as “sniper” markers. There are even paint grenades and paint bazookas. Are you on the run from a dominating team? Do they have you cornered? Then pull out a paint pistol and go out with a bang (or paint).

Paintball gear makes the game fun and contagiously silly. It’s hard not to laugh as you pummel your buddy with gallons of paint, recreating famous scenes from Platoon, Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket. This is a game popular among students and some younger children, though the youngest among us could be intimidated by the shock of traveling paintballs. However, for older students who love competition and are in fairly good shape, this is a blast.

What about you? What is your favorite paintball gear when preparing for simulated war? Some of the top sellers in paintball toys include package deals, which combine markers with defensive equipment and loaded paintball ammunition. You can’t forget to bulk up before a game, as these paintballs can sometimes sting. So why not pick you up a chest and back vest, gloves, a helmet, a neck protector (since everyone’s probably aiming for your head and neck area) and full tactical armor?

The highest end helmets not only protect your face but also provide anti-fogging features, the ability to change lenses and greater visibility for the wearer. In fact, it’s safe to say that you don’t truly appreciate the sport of paintball until you go all out and bring the heavy artillery of paintball gear! Whether you like sporting a Spyder from Kingman or an official U.S. Army paint gun, you are sure to have fun. Why not get some people together this summer and start a series of paintball games? You can find the best paintball merchandise from your local sporting goods store or an online retailer.

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