Excellent Spa Products to Keep in Mind for Practice

When people today are looking to go to a spa, they are looking to be completely pampered, especially with new relaxing experiences.  Buying the latest spa products can really impress your clientele and keep them coming back for more. 

To decide what new spa products to include in your spa, you’ll need to determine all the services you want to offer.  A popular service today is that of a massage with hot stones.  If you like the idea but want to offer something a little different, you may want to consider the option of hot seashells instead.  Hot seashells are heated just like stones, but they can also be used for exfoliation with a salt scrub, not to mention there is just something beautiful about shells from the sea and it just feels like extra pampering.  You can place the hot shells along a client’s back, or use them with a cream or lotion to gently massage their back.  This service also comes with plenty of health benefits such as an increase in circulation, and help for tight, sore muscles.  

Sound healing is also becoming a much-requested service at spas today.  The only spa product you’ll need is a tuning fork and your "knowhow.”  Patients sit in a quiet atmosphere and allow the vibrations and sound waves of the fork to wash over them and give them a feeling of inner calm and peace.  Using sound healing is said to remove tension from the body, and to help the mind to relax.  Calming music is also a nice touch, especially when done in the beautiful key of “Ohm.” 

Therapeutic tape is really being talked up in health news today.  This tape is often called Kinesio tape, and has been touted by athletes as helping them play harder and run longer.  This tape has been popping up in spas as a way to help clients recover from sore or injured muscles, as well as giving more support to joints and muscles.    
Other spa products and supplies may include waxing items, manicure and pedicure items, as well as salon items for those spas wishing to give the full treatment.  Of course, you can’t forget the basic equipment either!  Chairs, beds, massage tables, linens, bowls, bottles, and disinfectants are needed every day. 

Investing in new spa products doesn’t need to break the bank.  If you are looking for good deals on new items then look no further than online shopping.  You can find good deals and discounts online, as well as learn of brand new treatments and equipment that can put your spa above the rest. 

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