Gold Coins Are Fun To Collect

If you enjoy collecting, history, or gold, then you may be interested in collecting gold coins. They are a great collectible: full of history and value, compact, and easy to find. You can gradually grow your collection over the years, and as you do it will become a fun and valuable part of your estate; not only an activity, but a valuable investment or heirloom.

Not As Expensive As You Think

Gold coins may seem to be a very expensive collectible, but the truth is that mints produce gold coins in many different denominations in order to enable investors and collectors to obtain the coinage they want more easily. The American Gold Eagle, for instance, is available in denominations ranging from one-tenth ounce to one full troy ounce. These denominations refer to the "fine weight" of the coins; that means they have the stated weight of pure gold. American bullion coins are 22 karat, so they are actually slightly heavier than the ounce or fraction of an ounce stated; the remainder of the weight is accounted for by the metals alloyed with the gold in order to make the coins durable enough for handling. Since gold coins come in so many different sizes, it is easy to find the right size for you.

Beauty and Variety

Gold coins are produced by many countries and have been made for many years, so there is a great deal of variety in the collectible gold coins market. Some countries deliberately add collectible value to their coins; the Australian Kangaroo and Chinese Panda coins both have a different reverse design every year, making a complete set of one of these coins a veritable art collection from some of the most prominent engravers and illustrators of the country. Other coins are collectible due to their rarity or because they are specially interesting. For instance, this year, 2011, marks the return of Proof and Uncirculated versions of the Gold Eagle, after recent gold demand made them temporarily unavailable. The 1999 Gold Eagle is popular for another reason; due to the high demand at that time, some circulation coins were mistakenly minted with proof dies bearing the "W" mint mark that the US Mint ordinarily only uses for proofs. These rare "variety coins" have special collector appeal, since they represent only a subset of the coins produced in that year, and they bear an unintended feature that makes them especially interesting.


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