Gold Investment Strategies in 2012

Are you planning on any new gold investment in the coming year? A lot of knowledgeable investors shake their head “no” in response to this question, and that is a very big mistake on their part. They are saying that they are not doing additional gold investment because they believe that the dollar is going to become a safe haven fairly soon.

Let’s just say that we’d all like to see the dollar reemerge as a strong market entity, but it isn’t exactly in that position just yet. Many falsely view it that way, however, because they are comparing the dollar to other currencies facing serious distress. For instance, we all know that the Greek economy is a disaster and that default is anticipated in March of 2012. We also know that the S&P ratings for France, Italy, Spain and a few other Eurozone countries were downgraded at the start of the New Year as well. Clearly, this does indicate the dollar as the more favorable paper investment, but it doesn’t mean that it is superior in terms of security and possibility over any gold investment options.

Here’s why: any gold investment is going to provide you with tangible assets. This means total security from the same risks and volatility that make paper investments undesirable. Additionally, most analysts are pointing out that any dips in gold pricing are just a reflection of inaccurate choices by investors rushing back to the dollar as their safe haven. Because of this, it is anticipated that gold will regain the lost pricing and exceed its market high of 2011 by more than $400 in the coming year.

If you are looking for a way to secure wealth and also enjoy some excellent growth, you could put your capital into a risky venture such as a currency market, but you would be far wiser to do a bit of gold investment instead. Consider that you can choose something as accessible and affordable as an American Gold Eagle weighing as little as a tenth of an ounce. That means if you had only a few hundred dollars available for investment, it could be in the form of pure gold!

Gold has long been a reliable place to put your money during times of trouble, and it will remain one of the best safe havens in the future. Though risky investment can pay off in higher yields, this is not an era to put yourself in jeopardy. Invest in gold and give yourself the peace of mind that it always brings.

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