Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Can Give You Back Your Independence

As technology advances, so do the options for those with mobility issues. Today, anyone dealing with a disability can find more ways than ever to get back some of the independence their disability took away. Medical supplies like more advanced wheelchairs, better mobility devices for the home, and hand controls for disabled drivers are some of the most important ways to regain the freedom you’ve lost. With so many options, today’s disabled drivers have a few choices that will allow them to safely get behind the wheel again. Once you’ve decided it’s time to give hand controls a try, there are a few options you’ll be able to choose from.

Portable hand controls are the latest advance in the technology of hand controls for disabled drivers. They are meant to be temporary and require great arm strength to operate. These types of controls are ideal for using rental cars or traveling, since they are easily transported to allow you to have the freedom to drive no matter where you are. They can be used with any automatic transmission vehicle and are intended for those with normal upper body strength. These hand controls would not work for anyone with mobility problems in their upper body.

Quad hand controls are another option when you’re shopping for hand controls for disabled drivers. These controls are designed for quadriplegic drivers with very little wrist or hand strength. They require less strength to control, making them ideal for people with mobility difficulties in all quadrants. There is also the servo-control option, which allows you to choose which level of assistance will work for you. These controls offer reduced effort braking and/or acceleration and can be low effort or zero effort, depending on your needs.

When shopping for hand controls for disabled drivers, there are more choices than ever. You’ll want to discuss with your doctor which level of assistance will be appropriate for you to ensure you are driving safely. Finding the right hand controls will help you feel independent again, which can greatly improve your quality of life. You should test out the hand controls before buying them to make sure they are comfortable and easy for you to operate. Once you find the right controls for you, you’ll be able to get back to enjoying regular activities and regain your sense of independence. A sense of freedom is important to everyone, and you deserve to have yours back.


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