High Quality Universal Spa Products

Not every spa has all the same types of equipment. For example, only some spas have a salon on site. There are, however, certain universal spa products are absolutely essential. What’s also essential is that these products be of the utmost quality. Your spa tables are one example of the kind of thing that can really create a powerful impression on your clients. We recommend that you get electric lift tables; that way, it will be easy for your spa techs to make sure your clients are at the right height to reap the maximum benefits from whatever treatment their receiving.

Of course, you will also need fresh linens on those tables. High quality table linens are also universal spa products. Flannel is the material of choice for most spas, and it is available in a wide range of colors. Both regular sheets and other components are necessary. Those other components include such items as face cradle covers and fitted table covers. You can (and should) also get heating pads and vinyl repair kits. As a matter of fact, these items are available as complete sets for the sake of value and convenience. You should order multiple complete sets for every table you have in your spa.

One of the most popular treatments for spa clients is still the massage. Thus, oils, creams, and lotions, are some more universal spa products, and it’s vitally important to have an adequate supply of all of them on hand. Each of them serves different purposes. Lotions create a lot of friction, with a low amount of glide. Oils are exactly the opposite, whereas creams are a good compromise between the two. This middle of the road quality is one of the reasons why cream is one of the most popular massage lubricants currently among both clients and the therapists themselves.

Facials are obviously popular treatments, too. Thus, all spas should have an adequate supply of creams and lotions on hand for skin care purposes, too. In fact, these items can be used by your clients in their homes as well as in your spa. Selling them these products can boost your bottom line. Perhaps more importantly, though, recommending skin care products based on your clients’ specific skin types is a way to add even more value to the service you’re already providing to them. They already view you as an expert on such matters, and the more benefit they derive from your services, the more likely they are to recommend you to their friends.

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