How Does the Economy Influence Education Trends?

Everything, in some shape or form, is connected to another.

The economy has a direct influence on other attributes, namely education. This includes on how it is offered, who goes to school and what people are studying. Whether this is good or bad is yet to be seen, but there is an undeniable impact made by the economy on educational facilities throughout the country and everyone attending, or considering, the universities.

Staying in School Longer
More individuals are staying in school longer. This isn't necessarily because they intended on obtaining a master's degree, but at the point of completing their bachelor's degree they might have seen the job market, saw exactly how poor it stood and decided that instead of testing the waters of job searching (all while trying to pay back their loans) they opted for more schooling. With the extra time spent, it allows the job market to improve and it gives individuals additional education. With so many individuals looking for work in the weakened economy, the person who puts more effort in their education can stand out.

Furthering Education with Online Universities
Online universities have become a major staple in the educational industry as more and more individuals look to obtain a degree while still working. With the nature of the economy as it is, they are not able to have as much free time to study while they are working full or part-time jobs. So having a viable option when it comes to furthering education is desirable.


Online universities give individuals the ability to study new career paths. When working (part-time or full-time) it usually does take longer to complete a desired degree. In the end, it does help the person eventually earn their degree and make themselves more desirable to employers. And don’t forget the feel-good-about-yourself factor.

Alternative Degree Courses
Students are able to see what educational paths are more likely to land a job. With the economy the way it currently is, students are aiming at obtaining a degree in a field with a high placement rate. This results in the trend of fewer individuals are attending schools for degrees in the arts and literary fields, due to the reduced success rate. The more wide spread the degree is, the more likely the offer of job opportunities in the future.

No College
This is a combination of both the economy and the escalating price of tuition. With college becoming more and more expensive with every passing year, some individuals simply opt out of college. The reason is why is not because they don't wish to further their education, but because they don't want to be placed under a large financial burden after graduating - especially without the guarantee of employment.

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