How to Plunge in the World of Photography

Photography is one of the most viable art forms as far as marketability and its prominence in everyday life. Obtaining a degree in photography could easily be one of the most fun and rewarding degrees to earn. The visual, technical and style aspects of the profession appeals to those who have an artistic side and enjoy challenges, since every shoot is different your workday is seldom boring or repetitive. Of course, before you enroll in a course fulltime you will want to do a little research into photography to make sure you are making the right choices.

Get Yourself a Camera

The first thing you need to do is something all photographers do; take some pictures. You probably already have a digital camera and a computer available so all you need to do is start snapping some photos. If you decide to buy a camera, don’t spend a fortune; some of the best cameras out there can cost thousands of dollars. You just need a less expensive camera you can download pictures from.

Take a Hobby Class

Check the local Community Colleges, high schools and community centers or even the library to see if the offer any photography workshops or short classes. Testing the water with a short introductory course will get you started thinking about the professional aspects of the art and get a feel for the work in general. After completing the class you will not have a photography degree, but you will have a better understanding of photography and a nice start to an artist’s portfolio.

Getting Serious

Now that you have decided that a career in photography is, in fact, right for you, then choosing a degree before you pick a school will insure you don’t waste time applying to schools that don’t offer the course of study you desire. Surprisingly, there are several types of photography your can major in.

  • Still Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Videographer 
  • Celluloid Film (Motion Pictures)
  • Developing and Framing
  • Digital Imaging

Just to name a few.

The exciting prospect of a career change or embarking on your away-from-home adventure will definitely be a real super charged adventure. Even if you land a good job in the field of photography your urge to learn more about the subject may not subside, actually it could grow stronger. Remember there is always more to learn, so get to it.

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