Improve Your Network Stability with Least Privilege Policies

Improve Your Network Stability with Least Privilege Policies

There are several reasons that you should consider implementing a least privilege policy in your workplace. On one side, a least privilege policy could help to control productivity with your employees. When you restrict access to certain e-mail accounts, social networking sites, inappropriate content, and instant messaging programs, you can eliminate many of the time-wasting activities that employees will engage in. With password vault software, you can manage who sees what, giving permissions to select groups of people in accordance with their job requirements. These least privilege programs are fully customizable, so you can grant permissions as you see fit.

Beyond productivity, least privilege policies have an even more important function. When you can restrict access to harmful things on the Internet, then you are protecting your network from any malicious downloads, whether these programs are installed accidentally or on purpose. By requiring passwords from your employees, you can prevent access to these pages and thus prevent installation. This will keep your system from suffering any attacks and keep your network running smoothly. With password protection, you can also prevent any outside sources from breaching your security. All of your data and equipment will be safe from employees and hackers.

There are many other ways that you can keep your systems secure with a least privilege policy, too. You can restrict access to the network while allowing printing on network computers. You can allow certain websites, especially internal company sites, without allowing access to the Internet as a whole. However you choose to customize the protections is up to you. When you separate your employees into groups, you will also separate your network in a way. By doing this, your password vault software will keep one section from infecting other sections. This means that if something does managed to get through your security, the system will lock down and prevent the spread of problems to other portions of the network.

This may seem like a drastic and expensive step, but the truth is that it could save you a great deal of money in the long run. While you will need to consider the upfront costs, you should also allow a specialist to show you the potential cost of a system failure or a security breach. You will see that the cost of prevention is much smaller than the price of loss.

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