Most People Would Pick Imperial Valley Solar Panels over Coal Mining

Coal mining brings to mind images of hard working men drilling deep into the earth, descending down with yellow canary in hand, and bringing up cars full of coal. Today, of course, coal mining entails much more dynamite and no more canaries. However, mining coal is still a hard job and the industry is still dangerous. The dangers of coal mining on the earth’s land should not be overlooked either. As Imperial Valley solar panels become more popular people have become more interested in the debate of whether we should continue using fossil fuel like coals as our main source of energy or if we should all make the switch to Imperial Valley solar energy. Imperial Valley solar panels do not cause the same environmental destruction and are a much cleaner source of energy than coal.

The effects of coal mining to our planet have not been kind. The burning of coal releases sulfur dioxide into the air and ash, sludge, and particulates from coal pollute our land, water and air. The impact to the land has been enormous. Strip mining, mountain top removal mining, and open-pit mining all cause destruction to the natural habitat of surrounding areas. Land is removed, animals are displaced, and plants are killed in an effort to reach large underground coal reserves. In addition, run-off from nearby rivers brings pollutants from the original site to all the surrounding land, rivers, and lakes nearby. Some of these areas can be rehabilitated once mining has finished, but for the most part these lands are forever altered and some become damaged beyond repair.

The air pollution from mining can include chemicals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium, and radium released into the air. Burning coal brings a whole other set of chemicals and dangerous compounds being released and this is where greenhouse effects come into play. The sulfur dioxide that is released directly contributes to acid rain along with other chemicals released from coal production at coal plants.

Coal continues to be used today because it is inexpensive and it can be used to cheaply generate the electricity we’ve all grown accustomed to. Of course, nobody should have to give up electricity, but there is another way to produce it. By using Imperial Valley solar panels, over time the use of coals as a fossil fuel energy source will be greatly reduced. If you are interested in solar power, you can get solar for your home at

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