No Bridesmaid Sequel � 4 Other Movies that Should Have Had Sequels

While many comedy fans were disappointed when Kristen Wiig reported that she was not interested in doing a sequel to the smash comedy, “Bridesmaids,” this is not the first time that successful movies failed to have follow-up sequels.  In today’s society, where it seems as if any film that makes a lot of money is guaranteed to have a sequel, it is almost refreshing to see a film that simply decides to stand alone.

In the M. Night Shyamalan film, “Unbreakable,” an entire mythology had been set up for future films.  In fact, the writer/director said that it was the first movie in his proposed trilogy, but the sequels never even reached the development stage.  In all likelihood, when “Unbreakable” failed to garner the same smash success as “The Sixth Sense,” studios lost interest in continuing the saga.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” with Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer might not have been a box office smash, but with the able writing and directing of Shane Black behind it, it was one of the more enjoyable films in the film noir genre in recent memory.  The chemistry that existed between Kilmer and Downey was spectacular, and there was a dark, gritty, magnificent sense of humor about the film that an entire franchise could have emerged from it.

Is there anyone alive who would not have enjoyed returning to the world first seen in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”  The unique blend of animation and live-action, combined with a first-rate sense of humor, made the whole Toon experience something that has never been equaled.  Granted, the only way the sequel could possibly have worked is if the original team had been involved with it, since they were the geniuses who brought that kind of magic to the silver screen.

Somehow, “Galaxy Quest” never had a sequel made, and that has many fans of the original scratching their heads.  In fact, the original film was almost an “origin” story, which would have set the stage for further outrageous adventures.  When one looks at the original cast, from Tim Allen to Alan Rickman to Sigourney Weaver, it becomes obvious that any of these old pros could easily have slipped right back into the original role and knocked it out of the park. Weird that there hasn’t been more of a public outcry on the internet for a remake.

In the end, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how sequels get chosen.  After all, was there such a public clamor for “Doctor Doolittle” that the studio needed to make two more sequels? 

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