Ogio Packs

One of the most innovative and visionary gear makers of the twenty-first century is Ogio. Ogio creates high-quality bags for personal, business, and extreme sports usage, including: Golf bags, travel luggage, backpacks, skateboarding packs, surf bags, hydration packs, snow products, messenger gear, laptop equipment, video camera cases, sport duffels, moto and dirt bike equipment, and BMX bags.

The Ogio Sultan Cart Hybrid is an elaborate golf bag for the serious golf players who want to play in comfort and style. With a 14-way top and special rain protection system, it makes it easy to get what you need without ruining your bag, especially if you are got in the freak rainstorm. A zip-off panel allows for custom embroidery, and special magnetic pockets on the side allow for easy access of common items without needing to constantly unzip and rezip. The ball silo is specially designed to not jut out and take up unwanted space, and the large cooler pocket is insulated to allow a cool drink to stay cool. The Sultan has twelve pockets: nine zippered, two magnetic, and one at the top for easy access to your score sheet.

The Ogio M9 computer bag allows up to a 17-inch laptop model to be placed inside it and protected. The laptop pocket flips downwards separately, matching TSA requirements for a “checkpoint friendly” bag. This means that the laptop can stay within the bag when going through security checkpoints at airports—no more taking the laptop out of your bag each time, and putting it back. Just unzip the bag and put it on the x-ray conveyor. Accessories fit neatly in special pockets on the opposite side of the laptop, evening out the weight and making it less unwieldy to carry. It has an intensive internal organizer, with tons of pockets—some with zippers, others without—to carry everything you could possibly need. Special compartments make travelling easier. A dedicated sleeve for airport tickets and documents make it easy to carry what you need and pull it out what you have to. A dedicated cell phone pocket puts your phone or PDA within easy reach without clogging up your belt or pants pockets. In addition, the bag can be attached directly to your rolling luggage for easy transport.

Each kind of Ogio Pack is specially designed to accomplish certain jobs, whether you are an extreme dirt biker or extreme executive. Ogio has the vision to make life easier.


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