Paintball Apparel Not Complete Without Cleats

Though many paintball players focus on shirts, pants, guards for the extremities and goggles masks systems there is another item that belongs in your paintball apparel that is essential to your success in paintball competitions. This time, though often overlooked by paintball players, can give you an advantage over your opponent that is almost imperceptible but can mean the difference between victory and defeat. This all important piece of paintball apparel is, of course, your paintball cleats.

Paintball Apparel Includes Cleats that Offer Edge

Paintball cleats are more than just footwear to protect your feet during competition. The right paintball cleats can offer players a much needed boost in agility, stability and quickness that cannot be achieved in any other way. Paintball cleats are not all created equal. Some cleats are as simple as gym shoes with spikes on the bottom. Other paintball cleats are made of flexible, foamy-like material that bend and flex with the players movements while providing spikes and studs on the soles of the shoe to give the player the much needed stability necessary to quickly overtake opponents and march on to victory. The type of cleat you should purchase depends upon the type of tournament play you will most engage. If you are playing speedball mostly, especially indoor speedball then cleats that are outfitted with turf spikes or come with turf spikes are the most important for you. Likewise if you are training or competing on mostly natural terrain that features dirt, mud and other natural surfaces you will want to purchase paintball cleats that offer mud and dirt spikes. You also need a spike tool that will help you extract and insert new spikes when the old spikes run down on your cleats. Some examples of good cleats include the New Exalt cleat that offers both turf and mud spikes. In addition to the type of cleat you purchase you should pay special attention to the size of your paintball cleat. Cleats are made to have a snugger fit than casual shoes. Still if you wear a size 10 in a regular shoe than a size 10 in cleats is best for you. But let’s say you wear a 9 ½. In that case it is better to go with a size 10 than a size 9. You do not want your cleats cutting off your circulation!


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