Personal Rewards for Worrying About Your Carbon Footprint


The amount of energy your home actually consumes is astonishing, doing more detriment to your carbon footprint than any other aspect of your life. While converting to an electric car is certainly a laudable effort to reduce your carbon footprint and go green, it is still largely powered off of fossil fuels. The cleanest renewable energy source and most efficient means of reducing your carbon footprint is by using West Hills solar panels to provide energy for your home through the power provided by the sun.

While some people remain unconcerned about climate change, global warming, greenhouse emisssions, the destruction of the environment, and the quality of life for future generations, it is a pressing concern among many. If these are not strong enough personal persuasions to convert your home to solar energy, there are many personal benefits to using West Hills solar panels, significantly reducing and often eliminating your energy bill, depending on the size of system that you install. With the cost of energy increasing exponentially, it is the only means of safeguarding yourself against the future cost of energy.

Converting to a solar system also has the added personal benefit of significantly increasing the value of your house and giving you a competitive advantage when you do decide to sell, with an increasing demand among buyers for solar panels and a market that gives buyers the ability to choose between a myriad of options, passing over your house for one with a solar system. It is to be noted that while value of your home increases, the government values the efforts of citizens to “go green” and does not increase homeowner’s taxes as a result.

Although it may appear to have a significant initial investment, the efforts of the government to encourage homeowners to install these planet-saving systems and discounts and financing plans offered by installing Verengo solar panels allow you not only to install your system for $0 down, but garner such significant rebates and incentives as to make the expense extremely minimal in comparison to your annual savings. It is important to act now, while the government and private companies like Verengo are offering thousands of dollars in rebates and discounts, as they are all subject to demand; as the demand for solar panels increases, the rebates and incentives and government funding decreases, leaving you to pay the full price or compete for the few remaining dollars.


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