Picking the Perfect Massage Table

A massage table is one of the most important pieces of equipment for anyone who is already a licensed massage therapist or is thinking of getting into this lucrative field. Most individuals who are just getting started in this business will not have the budget or funds available to rent or purchase a permanent place to store a professional table, so you will more than likely want to buy one that is portable. Massage therapy is a booming industry thanks largely to medical news outlets publishing interesting articles and stories about all of the positive health benefits associated with getting a deep tissue massage.

One of the most important elements of any good massage table is the face cradle. This is the portion of the table where the client will lie down and put their face into to rest their head while receiving the massage. A face cradle that is uncomfortable will make it difficult to relax so that you can get the full benefit of the massage. A bad face cradle will not give your head the proper support you need to relax, thus making you use your neck and jaw muscles to support the weight of your head. The best type of face cradle is one that consists of a thick foamy cushion and parts that conform to the shape of your face.

Another important element of a great massage table is one that is comfortably padded. One of the big benefits of a massage is relaxation. If you are uncomfortable, your body is going to be tense and you are not going to experience the refreshing relaxation that you deserve. Find a table that has thick, comfortable padding that will contour to the client’s body to increase their relaxation. Keeping your clients comfortable and relaxed during their massage is a guaranteed way to make them a repeat customer.

Massage sheets are also a great way to help keep clients on your massage table comfortable. Cotton sheets are one of the best options to choose because they are not heavy and will not cause your clients to become uncomfortably warm. If you work in an office-type setting where the temperature in the room is a bit chilly, you can use flannel sheets to keep your clients nice and warm during the massage. Make sure that your table has a comfortable bolster to give added support for the client’s ankles and knees. 

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