Rare Coins in American History

Rare Coins in American History

Are you wondering about what rare coins come from the United States of America? There are many highly prized and valuable coins to choose from. The following is a list of some of the top hard-to-find and elite coins prized by avid collectors and lovers of numismatics.

1. The Chain Cent

The Chain cent was the United States’ first “big cent” and the Mint’s very first struck coin. This coin was only made in the year 1793. One side of the coin features the very simple design of the head of Liberty with long hair and a single word above her, “Liberty”. The other side of the coin features a chain with 15 links, meant to symbolize that era’s fifteen American states. 

2. The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

This coin was the very first silver dollar ever minted by the United States of America, and is very high up on most collectors’ rare coins lists. Roughly 162,000 coins were minted in total. One side of this coin features Lady Liberty with flowing hair and the other side features an eagle and a wreath.

3. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

One of the most costly coins on the list, the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle coin sold for over $7 million dollars at an auction in the year 2002. The high relief versions of these coins are considered by many to be the most beautiful of all American coins. 

4. Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

This is another coin prized for its beauty by collectors. These coins were minted from 1936 until 1942 and feature both Lady Liberty walking with an olive branch as well as the American symbol of a bald eagle.

5. Silver Seated Liberty Dollar

If Walking Liberty isn’t your style, what about the seated version? These rare coins feature the lovely Lady Liberty seated and holding onto a Union shield. The other side depicts a bald eagle with the Union shield on its breast. These coins were made from the year 1840 to 1873.

If you think you may own a collectable coin, you can seek out a reputable coin appraiser in your area. If you are looking to obtain a rare and valuable coin, then a coin dealer is the best source from which to start your search. Rare coins are not only a pleasure to own and collect, but can work as a protection for your assets.