Secure Your Business with Identity Management Software

Technology has allowed us to work from home or on the road. Many employees these days travel worldwide carrying a company laptop. Connecting to the company network is easy. Yet, this causes a serious security issue. Allowing everyone to access your entire database is a disaster in the making. Stealing vital company information does indeed happen. On the other hand, the problem can easily be resolved with identity management software.

The first step in controlling access to your servers is to determine what each employee needs to access to properly do their job. Implementing robust identity management software allows you to configure permissions. You can customize each job with a certain permission level. This allows you to reign in access to secret company documents.

It is important that your business do this, because there might be a company laptop sitting in a customer’s conference room running. Your rep may have simply left for a bathroom break. Yet, this leaves your whole company database wide-open to anyone. Of course, your rep should have logged off the network. Perhaps he was having trouble logging in and left the laptop connected to avoid further trouble. Using identity management software will control what that laptop can see on your server, and minimize any potential damage.

Of course investing in identity management software does cost. On the other hand, isn’t it a small price to pay when you consider what can happen if sensitive records were in competitor’s hands? Your business could lose its reputation, lose vendors, and lose customers. In the end this results in lost profits. Once you have lost the trust of your clients and vendors it is very difficult, if possible to gain it back. Consider identity software as an investment in your company’s future.

Company information is stolen and sold every day. It really does occur. You might think a certain employee is the most trustworthy employee you ever had. However, controlling access to your server is not a personal issue and should not be treated as such. Inform your employees in a tactful business like way that permission to access certain data is now being controlled by the need of the particular job.

To conclude, while technology has made us more productive than ever at work, it has caused real problems too. Information is stolen and sold every day. Using identity management software is the way to combat this threat. Limiting access to your vital records by the need of the job ensures the longevity of your company.


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