Skip Coachella and see some Vegas shows this April

So you want to go to the Coachella Music Festival this April, but you can’t seem to get anyone else interested in hanging out in the scorching California desert sun for three straight days… and the moment you ask your friends to chip in and buy passes, they start sweating profusely and complaining about the line at the porta-potties. Well, this year there is a great alternative, rather than living in tent and not showering for days you could hang out in Las Vegas in April in between the two weekends scheduled for the desert music festival, April 13-15 and April 20-22. Due to the festival’s growth a new opportunity has opened up for music lovers, and that seeing their favorite bands playing Las Vegas shows this April.

Seriously, why would anyone buy a Coachella “Teepee Teepee” pass for two people to camp out over the spring weekend for $1750 when you could use that money to get a super Las Vegas suite for a few days? Especially when bands included in the Coachella line up are already confirming dates in Las Vegas: The Shins (April 13) and Justice (April 19) both performing at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool.

It is expected that most of the headliners, like The Black Keys, Radiohead or Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, will turn up at some point along Vegas’ famed Strip during April. Especially when you consider a band like Radiohead, who has not played the Sin City since 1995; it makes perfect sense for the UK alternative band to check in and see what the city has to offer. Also, it would seem to be a given, that party rapper Snoop Dogg will roll into the city and track down some fun and air conditioning.

As the festival dates get closer it is expected that many more of the mammoth lineup of artists will ink show dates around Las Vegas. However, if your favorite old or new band doesn’t hit the Strip, there are plenty of other musical acts not associated with the event already scheduled to play during April. Consider the classic song writer Elton John, who is confirmed to play both the Mirage and Caesars Palace a total of seven times between April 13-22. Or if you want to tickle your funny bone, Tim Allen, Ray Romano and Kevin James are all going to be in town the same week.

Las Vegas is clearly the best choice, money wise and entertainment wise, when compared to the Coachella Music Festival. For one of the first times ever, your friends are right… coughing up more than a thousand bucks to fight off heat stroke in the day time and camping out on the hot desert floor at night just makes no sense… but reserving an air conditioned suite overlooking the lights of Las Vegas with close friends and seeing your favorite band is a sweet deal!


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