Soleus Air Conditioners Keep You Cool

Portable air conditioners are ideal when installing a window or permanent air conditioning unit is not feasible. For example some apartment buildings do not allow window units to be installed, and the cost of central air is too high for many of us. This is why choosing a soleus air conditioner is the way to go. Most of us have enjoyed Soleus air conditioners, we just didn’t know it. Soleus produces air conditioners under many different names, and now has launched a new line under their own name.

Commercial contractors know the Soleus name well, and install their units in new developments all the time. They know that the soleus portable air conditioner is a reliable and state of the art unit. While Soleus will continue to offer OEM to companies who do not wish to manufacture their own air conditioners, carrying their own brand name line is another way to offer quality and reliable units into the marketplace.

Buying a soleus portable air conditioner has many distinct advantageous over window units, or a permanent installation. Going with a mobile air conditioner eliminates the need to cut unsightly holes in your walls for installing a permanent unit. Further, you do not have to lift and install a bulky window unit. Going portable means there is no installation. Just plug the unit in to a power source and get cooled off. Some larger portables may require you to place the unit near a window for heat to exit the mobile unit.

Since the Soleus name is so well respected by contractors, why would you go with any other brand? They know they are among the most reliable of all the brands available. Top of the line soleus air conditioner units are available at your reputable air conditioning dealer. Schedule a time to visit, or hop online to view the units and their features.

When buying a soleus portable air conditioner it is essential to measure the room you intend to cool, and then match it with the proper BTU rating. This ensures you have bought the correct air conditioner for the space you intend to cool. Equally important, is the unit’s energy efficiency rating. The higher the unit is rated the more efficient the air conditioner consumes electricity. This has a direct impact on your monthly electric bill. Remember, if contractors trust the Soleus name, shouldn’t you?


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