Testing Your Blood Sugar At Home

While buying a glucometer through an online portal or any local store, you need to know the features and functions of the device. Glucometer is used to test blood glucose levels and is used by many diabetic patients all over the world.

Memory: this is an important feature of the glucometer. It is an indication of the number of test readings that can be stored in the device. Many devices also store the time and date of the glucose level readings in their memory.

Data processing: Many advanced glucometers provide additional data for testing purposes. This includes average blood sugar levels and trend reports of blood glucose levels. Apart from this, these advanced glucometers can also determine the insulin dosage administered to the patient and the amount of carbohydrates consumed. They also allow downloading these results onto a computer. Thus, these advanced glucose meters are considered as invaluable health resources for any diabetic patient.

Result time: An important feature of any glucometer, it indicates the time required to display the blood glucose levels after testing.

Blood quantity: One needs to know this important feature before buying a glucometer. It is an indication of the amount of blood required by the device for conducting a test. Some glucometer require smaller amounts of blood compared to others.

Alternate testing site: Earlier glucometer would only test blood taken from the fingertip. But, today there are glucometer devices that can test blood taken from alternate testing sites such as the thighs and forearm. But, blood glucose levels from alternate testing sites may vary as fingertips normally respond to changes in blood glucose levels at a faster rate.

Display: One should also consider the display of the glucometer before buying the device. It is important to find out if the device if user-friendly and the size of its display. Today, many advanced glucometers are provided with the feature of audible readout apart from digital display. This is quite useful for diabetic patients who normally suffer from poor vision with the advancement of diabetes.

Testing strips: It is important to know the testing strips of the glucometer. Some devices use testing strips that are available in the form of cartridges while other devices make use of testing strips that are provided in separate packages. Thus, the handling and packaging of the testing strips in a glucometer is of paramount importance.

Physical parameters: Glucometers are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You may need to consider these physical parameters before buying a glucometer.


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