Thai Massage Mats Assist in Improving Flexibility and Circulation

Over 2,500 years ago, Buddhist monks developed a form of therapeutic treatment that promoted relaxation. Known as Thai massage, this therapy is still used today as a way to relieve joint and muscle tension, increase circulation, and improve flexibility. The practice is similar to yoga in that similar positions are used. However, these moves are made passively in this form of treatment since the positions are guided by a therapist. Thai massage mats are used to facilitate the therapy and ensure a comfortable experience.

Thai massage mats are futon-like mats that are placed on the floor where the treatment will take place. For added comfort and to ensure that all therapy movements can be made, it is essential for the client and practitioner to wear loose fitting clothing. In many cases, the client begins the session lying on their back. The practitioner then applies gentle pressure to loosen the client’s muscles and other body tissues. This is followed by gentle stretching that assists in opening up the body. As the body loosens up, more rigorous yoga-like stretches may be performed. However, the session is overall quite relaxing and promotes a sense of renewed energy.

As with most forms of massage therapy, Thai massage offers many health benefits in addition to improved circulation and flexibility. However, this type of therapy is quite different from the types of massage that most people are used to in the Western world. For instance, you will not spend your entire session lying on either your back or stomach. You will also be fully dressed. While you shouldn’t expect to drift off into sleep during the session, you are likely to feel relaxed during treatment. Many people describe the sessions as a relaxing form of yoga that does not require any effort since all moves are made passively with the assistance of the therapist.

Another significant difference is that practitioners specializing in this form of therapy use Thai massage mats that are placed on the ground so that a wider range of movements can be performed. While this form of therapy is not as popular as traditional sessions performed on a table, medical resource news shows that it is growing in popularity as people learn about the many health benefits the modality provides. If you are interested in increasing your flexibility, improving circulation, increasing your range of motion, reducing your stress levels, boosting your energy levels, and promoting improved physical and mental well-being, then this form of therapy will provide the care you are looking for.

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