The Advantages of Gaining your Nursing Degree

Getting a bachelor's in nursing opens many more doors in this field, from teaching, floor nursing to clinic and hospital management positions. People who pursue nursing degrees are taking the first step toward having a secure and financially lucrative profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics regards nursing as one of the most stable and growing fields for the years to come, with annual growth between 2010 to 2020 at 2.6 percent per year.

In the past, registered nurses had to demonstrate their proficiency in the field by passing state licensing tests and successfully completing an accredited training program. Now, more and more nursing jobs require at least a bachelor's degree, along with continuing education credits to keep the license current. 

Fortunately, people who want to get a degree in nursing, are not limited to attending accredited programs in bricks and mortar institutions. Online programs through public or private schools give the ability for many more to pursue degrees in nursing on their own terms. Advancing up the nursing ladder can increase wages from just over a state's minimum for nursing assistants to pushing six-figure incomes for those who reach the highest medical or management levels. 

If you enjoy science and math, can interact well with strangers and have a nurturing side, choosing the nursing field gives you many career options for a lifetime. Getting started in nursing can be as easy as taking a short course in becoming a nurse's aide, all the way through reaching a doctorate in nursing, earning a secure income during the whole process. 

The first step in getting a degree in nursing is to earn a bachelor's. Sometimes financial aid is available, since the demand for nurses is high and jobs often go vacant. Federal, state and private programs can help fund an education, with forgiven or deferred payments once the program has been successfully completed. Some of the programs offer performance-based scholarships, while other financial aid may be need-based. 

Regardless of where tuition money comes from, anyone who is drawn to helping others and enjoys hard work in sometimes stressful situations, the rewards of entering the nursing profession are substantial.

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