The Benefits Of Thai Massage

While most massages are performed on a massage table or chair, the Thai massage is generally performed on authentic Thai massage mats. It is said that Thai massage is part yoga, massage, and stretching. Pregnant women or people who require a less intense massage due to surgery or injury will benefit from the gentle Thai massage.

There are immediate physical benefits offered by the Thai massage, like boosting the immune system, detoxifying the body, lowering of blood pressure, increased circulation, relaxed muscles, and restoring flexibility to stiff muscles. In addition, a Thai massage improves breathing, posture, balance, realigns the body, and improves chronic joint ailments.

There are also mental and psychological benefits to Thai massages, and include stress relief, less anxiety, boosts energy levels, increased stamina, enhanced mood and creates emotional balance. Moreover, Thai massages clears and calms the mind, as well as the body, and Thai treatments increase concentration and creativity.

The traditional Thai massage is a full body massage, which stretches the joints and muscles. The Thai treatment also has the therapist massaging the essential energy points of the body, which increases vitality and releases blocked energy. The full massage gives the recipient a complete feeling of calm and tranquility.

Some people prefer to receive their Thai massage with the addition of massage oil. This is where eastern and western traditions blend together. You still receive the gentle and long strokes of the Thai massage, with the addition of an herbal blend of oils. This wonderful combination is great for soothing sore muscles, stress, and generates a feeling of complete calm. Athletes with sport related pain and those who suffer chronic muscle conditions will enjoy the relief and magic of this combination massage with oils.

The Thai massage can also be performed to specific tension ridden areas of the body, such as the shoulders, back, and neck. These three areas of the body are notorious for storing life’s tension and stress. This type of massage treatment gently removes the stress from these areas that so often builds up as a result of living in modern society. You will leave your Thai massage with a renewed confidence and with reduced stress.

Finally, you can learn more regarding Thai massages and Thai massage mats by going online and tapping into your best health resource. Thai massages are effective, yet milder than standard massages. This makes Thai massages perfect for pregnant women, and people who have been injured, or are recuperating from surgery.


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