The Factors That Make Blood Glucose Meters Different

Are you a newly diagnosed diabetes patient confused by the idea of home blood glucose meters?  You are not alone.  Not to worry though, these devices are relatively easy to approach once you get the basics down.  Essentially, these devices test your glucose level, based upon a submitted blood sample.  Keeping glucose levels with a stable range is pivotal to good health when you live with diabetes.  Once you know this information (in measurements), you can better control that level by altering your diet or administering insulin—in short, whatever your doctor instructs you to do.

Of course, finding out this information used to be impossible to do at home—at least until the invention of affordable blood glucose meters.  These inexpensive devices are priced anywhere from $20 to $300.  Why the price difference?  It is usually due to the following factors that separate one unit from another.

Blood glucose meters can also differ by the volume of blood sample required.  Some models need only a drop, while others require more.  Other factors to consider include the time needed to read a test strip and other features.  Accuracy is a major consideration.  An incorrectly read blood sample can give the user a completely wrong idea, and this can result in complications from diabetes or hypoglycemia. 

To avoid these complications it is best to talk to a doctor, who can advise you of your options, particularly with a view towards you own health and glucose levels.  Furthermore, always shop for quality, even while looking for low rates.  The best monitors are within 20% accuracy of a medical lab, and this is crucial.  Dirt cheap systems (or overly cheap test strips) can be counterfeit, not anywhere near lab quality. 

You can learn more about blood glucose meters and caring for diabetes at home from a long-standing and trusted medical site.  You can also shop online for wholesale prices of diabetes products, and expect convenient home delivery and discreet shipping.  Take these health tips seriously and shop smartly when looking for diabetes supplies. 

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