The Importance of Hydration Camelbak Backpacks

Water is part of the essential makeup of humans. Some estimates show that our bodies are comprised of 70% to 80% water. Humans need water to survive and to perform optimally in an athletic event. A human can only survive for a few days without water, but have been known to survive for about a month without food. However, the triggering mechanisms of hunger and thirst register similarly in the brain, and this makes it hard to distinguish between them. Thirst is often mistakenly thought to be hunger, but with proper hydration, this can be avoided.

When an individual is adequately hydrated, his or her body can ingest and be satisfied with less food than a dehydrated person can. Also, keeping a body well hydrated can lead to a decreased risk of colon, breast, and other cancers. People can decrease their risk for other diseases and disorders by simply giving the body what it needs: H2O.

Physical activity is one of the most important occasions to keep the body hydrated. As water leaves the body in the form of sweat, the athlete should replenish it as quickly as possible because the body cannot perform as well without adequate hydration. Athletes should not only drink before and after a game, but during a game or event also. Camelbak backpacks are hydration packs specialized specifically for this purpose. They are durable totes that can carry a certain amount of water (packs vary) for convenient replenishment of H2O.

Most Camelbak backpacks can have a reservoir tip that fits comfortably into the mouth during a fast-paced outdoor activity such as biking or hiking. The convenience of this product certainly outshines its water bottle counterpart. These are much more accessible during an activity than a water bottle would be.

Some reasons to avoid dehydration include that it can slow metabolism and cause fatigue, dry mouth, lack of short-term memory, chills, and trouble focusing. Dehydration also decreases the amount of blood in the body and increases respiratory rate, heart rate, and body temperature.

Another point to remember is that dehydration is already occurring in mild form if the body is registering thirst. It is important to stay hydrated even when not thirsty. All systems of the body function best when the body is supplied with a good amount of water. Camelbak backpacks will replenish your body with much needed H2O conveniently and with ease.

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