The Massage Tools You Will Need

It is time to give your hands a break and try out some fun new massage tools.  These tools will not only relieve a little stress in your own hands, but they will be relieving tension in your clients as these tools give precise pressure and feel fantastic. 

Thumb saver tools are exactly what they sound like; tools that will help ease the stress put on your thumbs while giving a massage.  These little items are usually interchangeable, so they can be worn on either hand and feel very comfortable and smooth on the skin of clients.  They basically work by allowing you to give a deep smooth pressure, with much less effort on your part.  Most clients can’t even tell you are using these tools, just that what you are doing feels great! 

Massage tools for foot massages are also a great buy.  Some look like a ball with little nubs covering the whole surface that you can rub against the foot.  Others can look more like a long rod with ridges that are designed to really sooth those sore feet.  There are many different styles of these foot tools; you just have to find one you enjoy using and your clients love.  Reading reviews online for these products is a good way to get some feedback on what other people have enjoyed.  An added bonus, after a long day massaging clients you can come home and place these foot tools on the floor and give your own tired tootsies a massage!  There are many other handheld tools to choose from, some which give targeted pressure to reach those trigger points that keep your clients coming back for more. 

Another option is electric massagers.  These are a good option for the start of a massage, to get clients muscles warmed up and ready for your hands.  These types of massage tools include products like the Jeanie Rub massager and the Muscle Master Massager that both deliver a good oscillating massage.  Other electric tools include smaller hand held massagers and even electric head and foot massagers that feel great and are a good start to a full body massage. 

There is a large variety of different massage tools that you can choose from that will improve not only your clients’ life but your life as well.  Have less tired thumbs and hands and happier clients, you can’t go wrong with that!  For more information, consult a medical news site or a retail medical store online!


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