If you already have a solid portfolio of silver and other precious metals, it may be beneficial for you to round out your portfolio through investments in various types of silver coins. Each silver coin is unique and gives you the opportunity to build a portfolio that is diverse and unique to your needs. It is a great means of taking advantage of the explosive silver market in a manner that is tailored to fit your needs and has greater long-term potential than silver bullion alone.

While it is suggested that investors sell a silver coin or block of silver bullion after an investment of two to five years, the current exponential growth that the market is experiencing makes it possible to sell much more quickly than this. Because silver coins are more liquid than silver bullion, you are able to simultaneously build a strong short-term and a strong long-term strategy. With silver coins, you are able to hold on to parts of your portfolio while you sell others, allowing you to make both fast profits and hold other parts of your portfolio for a great length of time while it accrues profits.

The market for silver coins is vast, and the types and varieties of coins are vast. Among types alone, investors have the opportunity to select from: : the “Flowing Hair” Type silver dollar, “Draped Bust” type with Small Eagle Reverse silver dollar, Heraldic Eagle Reverse silver dollar, the 1804 Silver Dollar, Gobrecht Dollars, “Liberty Seated” type with Heraldic Eagle, Trade Dollars, Morgan Dollars, and Peace Dollars. The options only multiply from there as you factor in the various years for each type, the various mintmarks for each year, and the die variations and mules that are available.

Silver coins have more options than any other type of coin, facilitating the creation of a portfolio that is completely unique to you. Finding which coins suit the needs of your portfolio simply involves researching market trends and determining the profit potential of each coin, comparing charts for the historical performance of each coin, and reading about the backstory and profitability of various coins. Although investing in silver coins has always been an excellent method of building a recession-proof portfolio, retirement portfolio, and safely storing and accruing wealth, it has become incredibly popular as the silver market receives attention and as the recession leaves investors in search of new methods.


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