Things to do in New York

Albany Hotels with Views of the Adirondack Mountains

Vacationing in Albany has often been described as being smack in the center of a high-technology, urban sprawl. A leading city in technology and education, the metropolis has just about everything you and your family can wish to do; with over 60 parks and recreational venues, the famed Albany Riverfront with an amphitheatre that regularly showcases fantastic summer concerts and shows, ponds and playgrounds for the kids. By staying in an Albany Airport hotel, you’ll have views of the Adirondack Mountains and convenient proximity to the Albany International Airport, and perhaps play rounds of golf at one of the plentiful courses. 

More New York Vacation Splendor 

While you are in New York, you may want to take the family to what is easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Hotels near Niagara Falls offer a plethora of accommodations for the traveler to experience Niagara Falls, because so many people travel there to experience the campgrounds, and the modern marvel of hydroelectric power that the Falls themselves provide. As for the range of accommodations, you can find: 

  • Motels, for a more affordable option for a long stay; they often have just as many amenities as other hotels near Niagara Falls. 
  • Bed & Breakfast, which tend to be ideal for those on a limited budget, or those who simply intend to spend much of the day outdoors, experiencing the sights. 
  • Inns, which appeal to over-nighters. They tend to be even closer to the Niagara Falls than other accommodations, for those who’ve come for a short vacation just to see the world wonder. They can also serve those wanting an extended stay, of course. 

One of the best universities in the nation is the University of Rochester, known for sports medicine, as well as for a wide range of arts and sciences.  A University of Rochester hotel is the perfect summer vacation spot for your incoming freshman, or just to visit the sights and sounds of Rochester, New York. Since it’s a college town, there are plenty of metropolitan activities for you and the family, including campus tours and park visits. Head to downtown for a burgeoning nightlife, before capping of the day in the warm comfort and hospitality of one of the University of Rochester hotels.

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