Top 3 Things to do in New York

New York truly offers something for everyone. From the city that never sleeps, with its Broadway shows and endless shopping, to the upstate lakes and parks, a person can get lost in the state--especially if she's saving money by staying in a Brooklyn NY hotel, or a small bed and breakfast near a lake, both of which are close to the attractions but cost only a fraction of those in Manhattan. Here are the top three things to do in New York that everyone simply must do.

Take a stroll through Times Square
If it's true that New York is the city that never sleeps, then Times Square is what keeps it awake. During the day, Times Square is a bustling hub of business and tourism. It's where people shop. It's where titans of the entertainment world get deals done. And it's where you can get a hot dog or slab of pizza from a street vendor. Each day, millions of people walk through this area. 

At night, Times Square transforms itself into the world's largest billboard. Bright lights illuminate the city sky, hawking everything from beverages to Broadway shows. Stroll through during the day to do your shopping. Come back at night to dine and get your entertainment fix. By staying in one of the hotels in Brooklyn New York; you'll save money and can enjoy the sites while travelling to and from this area.

See the Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty stands more than 11 stories high in New York Harbor. Sure, you can see her from shore, but why not take a ferry to Liberty Island and even the nearby Ellis Island to tour the historic site where literally hundreds of thousands of immigrants first stepped onto U.S. soil? Again, it can be a wonderful scenic tour when coming from Brooklyn.

Get out of town and relax
New York State isn't all about the big city. There are plenty of places to explore that are beyond the reach of the state's tallest buildings. And Lake George is one of those places. Yes, you can relax in Lake George. (It is, after all, where the Adirondack chairs were invented.) Swim, fish, boat, craft or explore the hiking and biking trails. There is no experience in the world quite like Lake George. And the best part is that when staying at a Lake George New York hotel, you are only a few minutes away from many of New York’s best attractions like amusement parks, museums, natural hiking trails, and even winter ski areas.

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