VMware Backup Solutions for Disaster Recovery

When we think of disasters, we envision floods, fires, storms, and hurricanes which certainly can devastate a business, including technology and datacenters. There are other threats to your technology systems: internal system failure and viruses. In fact, these are the two leading causes that threaten business continuity. Suffering a disaster can be overwhelming, no matter the cause. The last thing a business owner wants to have to be concerned with is whether he has lost his computer and information systems preventing him from continuing business in the short term.

VMware backup solutions that get you up and running, and recover your data, in the quickest time frame will get your business operating sooner. Data, servers, and the virtual machines connected to the infrastructure should all be backed up to ensure that all business data is easily recovered. Using software downloads that are scalable with the growth of the business makes them more cost efficient than their competitors. Backup can be done virtually or physically and can be archived on disks or tapes, as well as on virtual machines dedicated for that purpose.

Protecting Your SAN

SANs can be excellent devices for consolidating storage in your data center, providing a platform for server virtualization, and to take advantage of features like provisioning. When considering VMware backup solutions you should be sure to protect your SAN as well. Protecting your SAN requires protecting all virtual machines. The more technology based your business, the more that it requires sufficient backup solutions.

Virtualization can reduce hardware purchases and lower electricity costs, but data protection remains a concern. Datacenters can be copied to virtual machines and moved to a new location; but that does not relieve a conscientious business owner from the need to back up the system. While some warning may come for weather disasters, system failures and viruses hit with little or no warning. It’s not prudent business to assume you’ll be able to move your data centers to protect them before something happens.

Disaster Threats Are Not Going Away

Disaster recovery has, is and will be a big issue for information technology administrators. Business owners must consider their desktop systems, server configurations, and datacenters when discussing and deciding upon VMware backup solutions. It’s never too early to invest in a VMware backup software program. Good solutions are available on the Internet for consideration. One with the shortest downtime and that is cost efficient, simple and reliable is your best choice.


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