Ways to Make Paintball Guns Even More Fun

Paintball is a sport about combat and competition. So, if you want to make a paintball war a little more exhilarating, then start thinking about ways to make the combat more realistic. It’s not enough to simply bring your paintball guns to the event and start firing up. Take your time and strategize. Appoint two experienced team leaders and create two opposing teams.

For example, you could stretch the paintball war out to a couple of days, especially if you have a large group of people playing. If you have large ammunition canisters, then set them up at the flag or “goal” section of your team. You could also try using new age paintball guns like paintball machine guns, paintball mines and paintball grenades. These are low cost weapons that make a game more competitive and unpredictable.

In general, the rules of paintball are boundary-oriented. All players must be aware of the boundaries as well as the location of the dead zone. After players are eliminated by getting a major paint shot, they go to the dead zone. The game can be set “elimination style” or “capture the flag.” Another fun idea, especially after having one or two quick games is to do a scenario battle.

You could do a manhunt game, where one player is hunted by the rest of the team. The hunted player only gets a pistol and must fend off paintball gun attacks by the rest of the team. The goal here is for the hunted player to make it to a designated area within a given time limit without getting pelted with paint. In a scenario game, a story accompanies the paint battle. This can involve a “Rambo” type game, where one player battles the rest of the team using an automatic weapon, or a game of “Protect the President” where one player is protected from battle, or a game of hostage rescue, where one or more players is rescued from the other team.

Of course, what truly makes paintball guns and the game exciting is the weaponry you bring to the field. A mix of automatic weapons, super markers, semi-automatics and hand pistols can make the game challenging to new and experienced players alike.

Make the game friendly to newcomers, and not too excessively violent. If teens or smaller children are playing, try to use guns with no more than 250 fps velocity, as over this speed this could leave some serious bruises. Statistically speaking, paintball is a completely safe sport and has fewer accidents reported than tennis!

Why not have some fun this season and arrange your own paintball combat event?

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