Your Personal Introduction to Airsoft

Your Personal Introduction to Airsoft

Are you interested in Airsoft sports? If you love competition and love the feel of a replica firearm, then you can try out Softair competition. These are specially made fake firearms that shoot plastic pellets that are very small in diameter. The concept of the Softair gun is similar to the BB gun, but Softair guns are much less dangerous than BB guns because of their lightweight ammunition. The pellets are typically sized six millimeters (or sometimes eight). BB guns shoot 4.5 mm metal BBs, which are enough to kill a small animal and perhaps even a person, if properly aimed.

On the other hand, Airsoft weapons are mostly harmless since they operate at low velocities, usually less than 180 m/s. BB guns, in contrast, operate at 365 m/s or perhaps even higher. Children or adults playing with these plastic weapons can be hurt, but not seriously injured. However, it is of vital importance that all players cover their eyes and face, as a sting from a plastic pellet can definitely leave a mark.

How does one go about playing a Softair sports game? It really depends on who is playing, how many people are playing and where you want to host the game. Some games are quite complex and are actually comparable to paintball competition. Some players get highly creative and actually reenact historical events or simulate a real military operation.

It’s no coincidence that Airsoft guns are actually used for military training in some circumstances. The game is a pulse-pounding adventure, one that encourages teamwork and competition. The sport was actually invented in the 1980s by a manufacturer of BB guns. It was a type of play weapon devised for human recreation, not game hunting. These guns can fire from distances as far as 125 to 410 feet. The majority of these guns operate by way of a “hop-up” system, which uses chamber units to apply proper friction to the top part of the pellet.

Airsoft rules are fairly simple: whenever someone is hit (regardless of where) he or she must call out “hit!” and then return to the “safe zone” with the Softair gun overhead. A game moderator must be appointed to make calls on questionable hits. In some competitions, a 20-foot “safety kill rule” is employed, where players call out “safety kill” instead of firing at a player from too close a range, which could cause injury.

This is a great sport and the perfect compromise for people who love combat sports but feel icky about all that flying paint.

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